Credit Card/Debit Card: Faster way to pay and your order will be delivered right away
1. Call us on 0800 44 44 11 and we’ll take your order, work out any delivery costs and calculate your weekly payments for any terms that suits you, up 2 a maximum of 52 weeks
2. There is a deposit required on all orders. You can pay the deposit straight away if you wish, or you can pay it using weekly payments. If you choose to pay your deposit upfront, your purchase will be delivered in 10 working days. If you pay your deposit by weekly or fortnightly payments we will deliver your order once your deposit has been met.
3. You keep paying the off rest, including an account set up fee and any delivery costs until it’s fully paid for.
4. If you miss a payment you will be charged a missed payment fee of $20 and the amount of deposit required will also increase. If you know you will not be able to make a payment, please call us 1 working day in advance and we may put that payment on hold without fine.
5. Your payment will stop when the balance in your account reaches zero, or you can choose to continue your payments for future purchases.
This will give you the ability to plan for your Christmas or special occasions. It is the convenient way to pay
something over time because there will be no Best buy account fee on layby purchases.
Buzz Value’s most popular payment option, this is designed for customers who want their purchase quicker but want to pay it over time